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Making it happen. Bringing the Glob to our faming communities and their families. Showing them that we really care about their welfare and health. We have the manpower and expertise to this, and we have the drive to make this happen.
Rural health checks will save lives. It will change the attitude of farmers and their families to the importance of self-care. Farmers often know the importance of having their machinery serviced every year. Unfortunately, they do not recognize of including themselves in this check list.
....from Dean Williamson

This article was taken from Dean's facebook page. It gives us some insight to where it started and the need for this project.

Over the last two years the glob has seen hundreds of working farmers (with their boots on!) The feed back from the participants and their families has been incredibly positive with many messages of thanks coming back to us for what this project has done.

Agri HQ have ‘gifted’ Zone One 202D the glob. They recognise that NZ Lions is respected in the community and has a club in every town. Approx. 25% of our members are farmers.
Project run by Lions District 202D - Zone 1
Dr Warren Nicholls
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